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Looking back at the Iranian’s history and that of Middle Eastern, the uses that these people had for Syrian Rue plant becomes so vivid, not to mention the reverence they had for it on account of their rituals and rites. Moreover, Syrian Rue plant’s medicinal use, adds to its merit. Throughout the area once dominated by The Persian Empire, Syrian Rue seeds were burnt in order to cast away demon or as they’d say “evil eye”. Even today this ritual continues due to its roots to the magnificence of the Iranian ancient culture. During this ritual, they pick some of the seeds and rotate it around children’s heads while chanting a rhythmic verse and then burn it, so the smoke would rid them of evil spirit. Furthermore, it is deemed to bestow blessings after someone suffered a loss. They’d burn the seeds among the cortege in funerals and memorial services, indicating their close relationship with the spiritual world.

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Syrian Rue - Peganum Harmala